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All our products are made with care, from the very best quality materials possible. We produce an elegant, finished product that’s ready to hang, straight from the box. Our bespoke frame range has been carefully chosen to perfectly suit a traditional or contemporary styled home.


Our frames are not mass produced, they are made to order by skilled people, using the very best specialist cutting and joining equipment. Our wood is sourced responsibly in an environmental and sustainable way, our supplier can track the timbers journey from tree to finished moulding and hold up to date SFC and PEFC certificates. The white core mount board that is used within our framed portraits meets strict conservation standards set by the Fine Art Trade Guild.


Our images are printed using the latest Canon 12 colour printers, with genuine Canon inks, with carefully monitored colour calibration ensuring longevity and consistency of colour.


Framed table top portraits come in a variety of sizes from 7x5" to 10x4" with a price range of £125 to £160 


Framed wall mounted portraits come in a variety of sizes from 10x8" to 30x20" with a price range of £245 to £775 with finance options available.




Our photographers take so many amazing photographs, why restrict yourself to just one?


Design your own Collection layout on our big screen and finish it off with our bespoke range of frames and mounts.


Collections come with 3, 4, 5, 7 & 9 images and prices range from £445 to £745 with finance options available.



Enjoy viewing your portraits every day in our most exciting product to date, the Mosaic. With a choice of several layouts this breath taking piece gives you the chance to create a design as unique as you. 


This latest innovation in multi image frameless design is the pinnacle of home design and decor, enhance the artwork your photographer has created and take your images to the next level by choosing the Mosaic.


Mosaic Luxe CL1 - 32x32", Mosaic Luxe CL3 - 31x26", Mosaic PAN1 - 44x27"

Mosaic Square - 24x24"


Prices range from £995 to £1295 with finance options available.




This stunning, frameless product ensures your images take all the limelight. It comes with spacers on the back that invisibly lift the bloc off the the wall to give a floating appearance.


As with all of our products, we insist on offering the very best quality and the Gallery Bloc is no exception. It’s constructed from 12mm MDF and laminated on the front, back and sides giving a sleek look and an excellent level of presentation.


Chrome keyhole hanging fixtures are set into each Gallery Bloc to keep this minimalist product perfectly flat against the wall. Photographs are laminated with a light textured film and bonded edge to edge to ensure longevity.


Tabletop sizes: 5x5" 8x8" 8x6" 10x8" 12x5"

Wall mounted sizes: 16x12" 20x16" 24x16" 30x20" 12x12" 16x16" 20x20" 24x24" 20x8" 30x12" 40x16"


Prices range from £95 to £550 with finance options available.




The Astrals are a jaw dropping collection of aluminium wall products that add a real wow factor to today's sleek and minimalist interiors.


Give your portraits a real high definition presence in your home with this cutting edge image display. Astral panels are just 1.5mm thick but feature a 25mm deep aluminium subframe so the panel sits proud from the wall.


Unlike many other aluminium products, the image is transferred in a pressurised heat process, turning the dyes into gas and permanently dyeing the aluminium panel, resulting in an ultra gloss panel with outstanding vibrancy, contrast and detail.


Tabletop sizes: 5x5" 8x8" 8x6" 10x8" 12x5"

Wall mounted sizes: 16x12" 20x16" 24x16" 30x20" 12x12" 16x16" 20x20" 24x24"


Prices range from £95 to £550 with finance options available.




Want all the pictures and the copyrights so you can print and share as you wish? We have two options for images on USB:


High resolution digital file - cost per image - £150


Whole Show USB, including all originals and photographers designs, sized at 10x8" for printing and sharing - £745





We have finance options with Hitachi Capital :


6 Months 0% (Orders over £500) 
12 Months 0% (Orders over £1000)
12 & 24 Months 12.9% (Orders over £500)


*repayments starting from just £24 per month,
** no deposit required


Imagine also offers it’s own EasyPay scheme :

spread the cost of your order at 0% over 2 or 3 months on an order of any value.


This service is provided by Imagine rather than a finance company, we take installments on a set date from your account and produce your order once the payments are complete.